Wednesday, December 19, 2012

So long, Sydney

Yes, as in the title, this is another end from one of my chapters of life. Ok, I typed it, chapters of life, but when I read it again, and this expression sounds so lame. haha.

Anyway, today is my last day in Sydney. I have been through a lot of things here. By a lot I meant A LOT! Maybe some of you had read my grumbling, showing-offs, self-motivations on twitters, facebook and blackberry-messengers’ status. But believe me, there were a lot more than that. Yea, maybe I exaggerated a little. Ok, too much. But you should understand that blog needs to be attractive so that everyone interested to read. So, there were a lot. Haha. anyway….

In the beginning

I feel it was just yesterday I texted one of my colleague at the office and told her that I thought I might want to "submit". At my office (was), it means: step on your boss room, spit on his/her desk, and mess around with his/her computers in order to get fired in the next day. haha. No not like that, it means resignation submission.

After that submission process, everything came so fast. Sooo fast that I couldn’t really call the detail. What I know is a week before I left Jakarta, I sat on my bed and had a second thought(in thrill): What have I done?!

Days come and go so fast. I flew to Sydney. Lucky, I have a very kind cousin, whom I never met before in Indonesia, wanted to give me a room to live before I got a room near my campus. And finally, a week before my semester commenced, I met one lovely couple who bravely rented their room for me. Yes, bravely coz they did not really know me before. They are friends of my elementary school friend. What if I was such a bad girl. haha. Lucky for them, I am not.. :D

Memorable things for me
Finding part time jobs was the most challenging thing. Before I did Accounting Tutor, I tried Fast-Food Cashier. Well, the only one that I tried. Which I did not get paid!! He made me bought that 20 dollars shoes and did not even pay me. He never even said thank you! I forgave him, since God already made great plans. I found two casual jobs and the most important thing is: well-paid! I worked as "black-magic-Accounting-Tutor". I taught Accounting for bachelor students who need it. But, I think it was black magic! I kinda made Accounting more confusing than the Lecturer, especially when it was mixed with very low English capabilities. haha. I'm kidding. I was a good Tutor! I worked with heart!! I did! ok, I should stop. It is now exaggerated.

Having fun and making new friends are also quite challenging. My brother has a motto: Social life is not my thing. I thing, I kinda have that thought too. I enjoy my time at home rather than go outside making new friends. I am described as how an accountant's social life looks like: a geek without the brain! haha. But it was not the point to pay a big money studying overseas. So I decided to have fun! go outside, make new friends, couples of besties and enjoy Sydney. Besides, after new frineds become friends and finally become besties, you'll be thanking God you went outside. (I am sorry brother, I involved you in this blog haha)

Next thing is doing the exams. Well, I think I did those quite well. Not much to tell in this part. A lot of studies, as usual. If you did not really understand the subject, try to torture your Lectures by doing regular consultations. Coz you’ve paid them FOUR thousands dollar to make you smarter. So if you don’t feel like become smarter, make them to make you smarter. You know what I meant. Thus, the most important thing is: an exam period usually ended by playing as hard as you can! really hard till I spent a lot of money to flew to Singapore on the winter break! :( But it was worth it!

Communication should not be a problem. There is video-conference technology like YM, Skype, etc. The problem was if your boyfriend, partner, spouse or anything you defined is an auditor who also happens to have footballs activities on weekend. I have one! :) He was skyping me every night on the first half month I was here. When I realized, it already became once in a week. haha. What I am trying to say is communication tools is not a problem. The issues might be on the doers. The understanding you need when one of the doers cannot make the communication. Ah, I talked like a smartass. ok, I'll stop. :)

The last thing is DIY: Do It Yourself. Do what? everything: cooking, doing laundry, cleaning, ironing, studying, and SURVIVING! I also had my bachelor degree outside Jakarta. It also made me to live outside my parent's house. But the DIY thing was not as much as in here. Back then, I paid the house-maid to do my laundry. I bought my breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I used taxi for the most time, and I called my boyfriend if I really needed a ride. I could not do those sort of things in here. All I could do is walking or using public transportation.

The End!
Finally, here I am. writing a blog, hoping there will be no delay for tomorrow's flight. I had my second experiences in university and I am now ready to face my second chance in working experiences. I am on market now. (So please, any employer who read this, please hire me! I am a hardworker, as you can see on my stories! no kidding :D)

Finally I would like to say:
So long Sydney. It was a pleasure to know you.
I may miss you someday, but today I miss Jakarta the most.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

We live in the parallel world

I found a blog written by a girl, who is now studying in the same university with me (was). Then, I felt like writing a blog.

I went through her blog, post by post. She told the readers about how she missed her high school friends, how she felt of being in OSGAB and Accounting Student Orientation: Attraction! (anyone can recall this event?? *smile*).

All the sudden I recalled my own stories in that campus. All the friendship, laugh, life, and love stories. How I missed those times.

Time flew. Five to six years after all of those memories, I can't believe now I am here, miles away from Bandung while someone else is now experiencing my old life, making her own memories.

I am pretty sure there is someone out there who already did a similar life as mine years ago. While she is remembering all her memories, I am making mine.

Anyway, it is how life goes. Someone left, another came. Someone is remembering, others are making the new one. It is what I called "paraliel world".

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Letter To God

Nope. Don't expect me to write a letter to God here. :)

I didn’t feel really well today. Maybe, it was because a lot of thoughts such as final exam, homesick, boring, afraid, etc. Thus, maybe I felt really exhausted due to all-day-study-in-the-library things.

Then, I promised myself not to study anymore when I got home.

Anyway, one thing came to another I decided to watch a movie. Yupe, as you can guess, the title is "Letter To God"

In short, this movie is telling us about how brave an 8 year old kid faced brain cancer and how he could change everybody's heart and feelings through his fate. And the most interesting part is this movie was a true story! I cried my eyes out since the beginning. (how embarrassing haha).

Then, I looked back to my story; why was I sad? because it hard to get part time jobs, because I hate to study for my final exam, because I feel homesick..really really homesick (I was dreaming about coming backhome this winter break! huhu..). What are those things compare to an 8-year-old-kid-with-brain-cancer ?? And now I am feel so small. But not too long! Now I know what I have to do.

In the end, something popped up on my mind. Maybe, God picked that movie for me to watch. He wanted to say to me that I am not alone. He will stays beside me, walk with me just like he did to Tyler (that 8 year old kid; I should said the name from the beginning, shouldn’t I? ). And He picked me, because I am the story teller (haha!). I am the one who can tell everybody that He is with me, through my blog!

Last word (I promise). Hey Reader (gotcha!), do feel lucky when you read this particular blog..hehe..
For you who have watched this movie: great movie huh?!
For you who haven't watch it: I couldn't say anything but this is a great movie.
For you who knew me and haven't watch this movie: ask me for free! hehe..

Let's open our hearts and let God do something on our lives.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

A Bed Time Story

I was doing my assignment report and talking to a good friend here. Then, I feel like writing another story.

This scene, talking to a good friend via YM while doing the assignment, is like de javu for me. It was happened about 3 or 4 years ago while I was in Bandung, doing another paper assignment talking to another good friend via YM.

This time, we were talking about future. We were drawing our own future. We have the same fear. In short, we are afraid if we won't have better job. For me, my additional fears are I don't wanna go back to who I was, a very busy girl who almost never has a "me-time".

In short, we ended up talking about our past. How struggled we are to do our final thesis while we already had to work in one of the accounting firm. In the end we have survived, we finished those damn thesis on time and we worked on that (I don't know how to express my previous office..haha) firm. Thus, we were talking dreams. So I called this "A Bed Time Story"

We draw our future so beautiful.

In the next three years, we will be doing this again, talking via YM, in our very own MNC Financial Service Company. We will be talking about our past, with the starting question: "Hey, remember the time when we were talking about how we gonna get a better job after we graduate?"

In that scene, we will be success career woman who gets a big money. And most importantly, who can get home at 5 PM..!! :) One of us or both of us might have been married that time.. :)

We never know what our future will be. We never know who will we meet tomorrow, maybe someone who brings u your future. What we can do now is keep believe in God, in our own hands, never stop hoping and never stop trying.

Sometimes you might face pitfalls that can fade out our hopes. What I can say is, enjoy that time. Remember every detail. Coz in the near future, we will see what have happen and we will smile to what we have done.

So, see you in the next three years!

Friday, March 9, 2012

Filosofi Nasi Goreng

4 piring nasi putih keras bekas masak kemarin
1 butir telur yang sudah 1 minggu di kulkas
1 buah sosis yang juga sudah 1 minggu di kulkas
1 lembah ham goreng
1 bungkus bumbu nasi goreng instant (yah instant, mana bisa gw bikin sendiri!)

Cara pembuatan:
1. tuang minyak bekas masak ayam goreng ke dalam kuali (biar ada rasa ayam2nya walaupun nggak pakai ayam).
2. pecahkan telur dan diaduk sampai hancur-hancur, tambahkan garam dan lada secukupnya.
3. potong setengah sosis berbentuk dadu kecil-kecil
4. masukkan sosis masak bersama telur.
5. Masukkan nasi putih keras bekas kemarin ke dalam penggorengan.
6. kemudian masukkan bumbu instant, aduk sampai rata
7. goreng sisa potongan sosis dan ham di tempat terpisah.
8. Wala! Nasi goreng sudah siap disajikan panas-panas.

Pesan Moral:
1. Makanan enak, tidak selalu sehat. Tapi kalo kepepet apa boleh buat! :)
2. Makanan enak belum tentu dari bahan segar. Lagi-lagi karena kepepet! :)
3. Yang paling penting adalah:
"Jangan pernah merasa tidak berguna, karena nasi keras bekas kemarin saja masih bisa jadi enak!"

Happy Friday!

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Your Time is always ticking

About two years ago..

I was sitting in front of my T40 Laptop, in my first office in BEJ.
I was browsing about study abroad.
I was wondering how it is feeling to study abroad.
And in my mind, it still an impossible thing to be done due to the money, the time to spend, etc.

About one year ago..

I was sitting in front of T400 laptop, in my second office in Plaza 89 (ayo tebak..?)
I was discussing about study abroad with my colleague.
I also discussed about how tired I am to be an auditor.
I did enjoy to be an auditor, but in that time, due to the overloaded workload, I finally started to complaining about my life.

Then, I see another opportunity to study abroad (again). I started to browse and gather all information. I was still in the mode of "study-abroad-is-likely-impossible-thing". But then I started to try a lot of ways to reach one of my dream.

About two month ago..

I have accepted in Macquarie University and they gave me several money for sponsoring my study. haha! what a dream. Though I still have to contribute a lot of money, to support my own life there.

As the time goes by, I suddenly submited my resignation letter. I suddenly off of my current job. I suddenly become jobless.

About a month ago..

A 24 years old woman, a women with no income, a jobless woman. Suddenly I felt like I have no pride anymore. without income, I can't buy anything I want. Without incomes, I became dependent again to my family. I am jobless..

One of my bestfriend told me to enjoy everything happen in these very time. It will be a time when you enjoy your glorious position in a big company. It will be a time when you need your time alone. It will be a time when you have to be dependent. It will be a time for everything. In the end, There will be a time when you look back into your own life and you see how happy you were to live your life.
Life is happen once, and you should enjoy everything you have, because those times will never come back.

About two week ago..

Finally i flew into Sydney, where my master degree is..
This is my first time to arrive at Sydney..
I was worried about everything, but I enjoyed those feeling.
It was a God grace that sent me here. so What should I complain about?


I finally got a nice place to rent, with a nice Indonesian couple, and near my campus..
I finally got several friends of mine in campus..
I am enjoying my first semester in MQu..
I enjoy when I thought I have no money to buy a book..
I enjoy the time that I have to travel 2 hour to go to my campus..
I enjoy the time when I looked for room to rent near my campus..
I enjoy my time skype-ing with my family, with my bf..
I enjoy everything happen just now..

Pesan moral:

Life happen just once. It is your choice to enjoy or to complain about your life.
Not to worry everything in the future is the best choice..
Live your life!!