Sunday, May 20, 2012

A Bed Time Story

I was doing my assignment report and talking to a good friend here. Then, I feel like writing another story.

This scene, talking to a good friend via YM while doing the assignment, is like de javu for me. It was happened about 3 or 4 years ago while I was in Bandung, doing another paper assignment talking to another good friend via YM.

This time, we were talking about future. We were drawing our own future. We have the same fear. In short, we are afraid if we won't have better job. For me, my additional fears are I don't wanna go back to who I was, a very busy girl who almost never has a "me-time".

In short, we ended up talking about our past. How struggled we are to do our final thesis while we already had to work in one of the accounting firm. In the end we have survived, we finished those damn thesis on time and we worked on that (I don't know how to express my previous office..haha) firm. Thus, we were talking dreams. So I called this "A Bed Time Story"

We draw our future so beautiful.

In the next three years, we will be doing this again, talking via YM, in our very own MNC Financial Service Company. We will be talking about our past, with the starting question: "Hey, remember the time when we were talking about how we gonna get a better job after we graduate?"

In that scene, we will be success career woman who gets a big money. And most importantly, who can get home at 5 PM..!! :) One of us or both of us might have been married that time.. :)

We never know what our future will be. We never know who will we meet tomorrow, maybe someone who brings u your future. What we can do now is keep believe in God, in our own hands, never stop hoping and never stop trying.

Sometimes you might face pitfalls that can fade out our hopes. What I can say is, enjoy that time. Remember every detail. Coz in the near future, we will see what have happen and we will smile to what we have done.

So, see you in the next three years!

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je said...

hear familiar, de ja vu for me. Time will prove it, let's see at the next 3 years, what kind of past that made us in the future.