Wednesday, December 19, 2012

So long, Sydney

Yes, as in the title, this is another end from one of my chapters of life. Ok, I typed it, chapters of life, but when I read it again, and this expression sounds so lame. haha.

Anyway, today is my last day in Sydney. I have been through a lot of things here. By a lot I meant A LOT! Maybe some of you had read my grumbling, showing-offs, self-motivations on twitters, facebook and blackberry-messengers’ status. But believe me, there were a lot more than that. Yea, maybe I exaggerated a little. Ok, too much. But you should understand that blog needs to be attractive so that everyone interested to read. So, there were a lot. Haha. anyway….

In the beginning

I feel it was just yesterday I texted one of my colleague at the office and told her that I thought I might want to "submit". At my office (was), it means: step on your boss room, spit on his/her desk, and mess around with his/her computers in order to get fired in the next day. haha. No not like that, it means resignation submission.

After that submission process, everything came so fast. Sooo fast that I couldn’t really call the detail. What I know is a week before I left Jakarta, I sat on my bed and had a second thought(in thrill): What have I done?!

Days come and go so fast. I flew to Sydney. Lucky, I have a very kind cousin, whom I never met before in Indonesia, wanted to give me a room to live before I got a room near my campus. And finally, a week before my semester commenced, I met one lovely couple who bravely rented their room for me. Yes, bravely coz they did not really know me before. They are friends of my elementary school friend. What if I was such a bad girl. haha. Lucky for them, I am not.. :D

Memorable things for me
Finding part time jobs was the most challenging thing. Before I did Accounting Tutor, I tried Fast-Food Cashier. Well, the only one that I tried. Which I did not get paid!! He made me bought that 20 dollars shoes and did not even pay me. He never even said thank you! I forgave him, since God already made great plans. I found two casual jobs and the most important thing is: well-paid! I worked as "black-magic-Accounting-Tutor". I taught Accounting for bachelor students who need it. But, I think it was black magic! I kinda made Accounting more confusing than the Lecturer, especially when it was mixed with very low English capabilities. haha. I'm kidding. I was a good Tutor! I worked with heart!! I did! ok, I should stop. It is now exaggerated.

Having fun and making new friends are also quite challenging. My brother has a motto: Social life is not my thing. I thing, I kinda have that thought too. I enjoy my time at home rather than go outside making new friends. I am described as how an accountant's social life looks like: a geek without the brain! haha. But it was not the point to pay a big money studying overseas. So I decided to have fun! go outside, make new friends, couples of besties and enjoy Sydney. Besides, after new frineds become friends and finally become besties, you'll be thanking God you went outside. (I am sorry brother, I involved you in this blog haha)

Next thing is doing the exams. Well, I think I did those quite well. Not much to tell in this part. A lot of studies, as usual. If you did not really understand the subject, try to torture your Lectures by doing regular consultations. Coz you’ve paid them FOUR thousands dollar to make you smarter. So if you don’t feel like become smarter, make them to make you smarter. You know what I meant. Thus, the most important thing is: an exam period usually ended by playing as hard as you can! really hard till I spent a lot of money to flew to Singapore on the winter break! :( But it was worth it!

Communication should not be a problem. There is video-conference technology like YM, Skype, etc. The problem was if your boyfriend, partner, spouse or anything you defined is an auditor who also happens to have footballs activities on weekend. I have one! :) He was skyping me every night on the first half month I was here. When I realized, it already became once in a week. haha. What I am trying to say is communication tools is not a problem. The issues might be on the doers. The understanding you need when one of the doers cannot make the communication. Ah, I talked like a smartass. ok, I'll stop. :)

The last thing is DIY: Do It Yourself. Do what? everything: cooking, doing laundry, cleaning, ironing, studying, and SURVIVING! I also had my bachelor degree outside Jakarta. It also made me to live outside my parent's house. But the DIY thing was not as much as in here. Back then, I paid the house-maid to do my laundry. I bought my breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I used taxi for the most time, and I called my boyfriend if I really needed a ride. I could not do those sort of things in here. All I could do is walking or using public transportation.

The End!
Finally, here I am. writing a blog, hoping there will be no delay for tomorrow's flight. I had my second experiences in university and I am now ready to face my second chance in working experiences. I am on market now. (So please, any employer who read this, please hire me! I am a hardworker, as you can see on my stories! no kidding :D)

Finally I would like to say:
So long Sydney. It was a pleasure to know you.
I may miss you someday, but today I miss Jakarta the most.