Saturday, September 8, 2012

We live in the parallel world

I found a blog written by a girl, who is now studying in the same university with me (was). Then, I felt like writing a blog.

I went through her blog, post by post. She told the readers about how she missed her high school friends, how she felt of being in OSGAB and Accounting Student Orientation: Attraction! (anyone can recall this event?? *smile*).

All the sudden I recalled my own stories in that campus. All the friendship, laugh, life, and love stories. How I missed those times.

Time flew. Five to six years after all of those memories, I can't believe now I am here, miles away from Bandung while someone else is now experiencing my old life, making her own memories.

I am pretty sure there is someone out there who already did a similar life as mine years ago. While she is remembering all her memories, I am making mine.

Anyway, it is how life goes. Someone left, another came. Someone is remembering, others are making the new one. It is what I called "paraliel world".