Thursday, March 1, 2012

Your Time is always ticking

About two years ago..

I was sitting in front of my T40 Laptop, in my first office in BEJ.
I was browsing about study abroad.
I was wondering how it is feeling to study abroad.
And in my mind, it still an impossible thing to be done due to the money, the time to spend, etc.

About one year ago..

I was sitting in front of T400 laptop, in my second office in Plaza 89 (ayo tebak..?)
I was discussing about study abroad with my colleague.
I also discussed about how tired I am to be an auditor.
I did enjoy to be an auditor, but in that time, due to the overloaded workload, I finally started to complaining about my life.

Then, I see another opportunity to study abroad (again). I started to browse and gather all information. I was still in the mode of "study-abroad-is-likely-impossible-thing". But then I started to try a lot of ways to reach one of my dream.

About two month ago..

I have accepted in Macquarie University and they gave me several money for sponsoring my study. haha! what a dream. Though I still have to contribute a lot of money, to support my own life there.

As the time goes by, I suddenly submited my resignation letter. I suddenly off of my current job. I suddenly become jobless.

About a month ago..

A 24 years old woman, a women with no income, a jobless woman. Suddenly I felt like I have no pride anymore. without income, I can't buy anything I want. Without incomes, I became dependent again to my family. I am jobless..

One of my bestfriend told me to enjoy everything happen in these very time. It will be a time when you enjoy your glorious position in a big company. It will be a time when you need your time alone. It will be a time when you have to be dependent. It will be a time for everything. In the end, There will be a time when you look back into your own life and you see how happy you were to live your life.
Life is happen once, and you should enjoy everything you have, because those times will never come back.

About two week ago..

Finally i flew into Sydney, where my master degree is..
This is my first time to arrive at Sydney..
I was worried about everything, but I enjoyed those feeling.
It was a God grace that sent me here. so What should I complain about?


I finally got a nice place to rent, with a nice Indonesian couple, and near my campus..
I finally got several friends of mine in campus..
I am enjoying my first semester in MQu..
I enjoy when I thought I have no money to buy a book..
I enjoy the time that I have to travel 2 hour to go to my campus..
I enjoy the time when I looked for room to rent near my campus..
I enjoy my time skype-ing with my family, with my bf..
I enjoy everything happen just now..

Pesan moral:

Life happen just once. It is your choice to enjoy or to complain about your life.
Not to worry everything in the future is the best choice..
Live your life!!


Andrian Kurniady said...

hope you enjoy your time as a student, lots of free time, not tied up working all week long.


Erina said...

Like this cik windy ! All the best for u :)