Tuesday, January 14, 2014

1990s vs 2000s

Recently, I've seen the picture posted by one of my friends in Path.
It was a picture of Albert Einstein said about how he afraid of technology will change people. Well, I think you've seen it too.

And this post is a random thought of mine. haha. (by random I meant RANDOM!).

As we all know, technology keeps changing rapidly. An easy example is mobile phone. It changed how people interact with each other. Example scenarios (These are just illustrations. But I hope they figure out the real situation):

Ex. 1
Me : Ma, I want to pee
Mama : Ok take off your pants

Me: Ma, I'm going to the mall!
Mama: Waht? Wait!! (It is too late coz Mama was texting her friend while her daughter shout).

Me: Ma, I want to move out!
Mama: .... (no reaction. chatting using her new android phone).

Ex. 2
Girl: I L U (the letters on the telegraph sent to her boyfriend who was not in town)

Girl: Hello
Boy: Yes
Girl: Where r u?
Boy: Home
(talking with 3 seconds free calls by telkomsel at that time)

Girl: (sent wathsapp messenger) where are youuu? I miss uu :* :* :* (with using lots and lots of emoticons)
Boy: (reply the msg but really hate the the emoticons used by his girlfrend) I'm home babe, love u 2. Stop sending me those fake kisses. Come to my home and kiss me. LOLs

As the technology changed, people may changed. But remember that technology was made to simplify human need.
Do not ignore people in front of you in order to talk to someone far from you using messenger.
Do not send Pokopang request to all your contact coz it is annoying! (*lho)
Do not randomly send candy crush notification via facebook coz it is also annoying!
Do not send hoax message.
Do not uploads all your selfie photo(s) and album(s) in path. Use facebook instead. haha (apasih).
Be a nice Path user! (apasih?)

For sum up! I am just a random writer. Feel free to hate me :)

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