Monday, November 25, 2013

It should be romantic

Been a while since the last time I sat in front of my laptop and wrote something..

Sharing for caring, right? I hope everyone who read my blog say YES! coz I'm gonna share one of my romantic-comedy moment.
Oh by the way, I already had the permission from my bf (well, the story is about him) to share this.

It is already a while since we were talking about marriage. Yes, we are planning a marriage (let's wait for the invitation, guys!)
I told my bf earlier that if someday he gonna propose, I want a romantic proposal, please (I'm sure I said "please"). Coz back in 2008 when he asked me to be his gf, the setting is not usual: in front a TV played AFI (Akademi Fantasi Indosiar! don't judge me! in my defense, it was a well known talent show back in 2008).

So, here is my proposal story

One weekend, we finally could enjoy our-time by watching a movie at Blitz PP. Once again, he brought the ring. After we finished watching, he asked me to have dinner in a nice restaurant which offered discount! (I'm sure it was because of the discount, not because he wanted to find a nice restaurant to propose hihi!! I'm just kidding).
Then, after we ate, he pulled out the ring from his pocket and he proposed. Then I said YES!

It should be romantic scene if he did not forget the ring that he left in the car!!
Report: failed. haha!!

He tried again. One day his car was occupied so I drove my car to his house. He was alone. He gave me fishcake (siomay) when I arrived. I am his gf for 5 years, so I've learned a lot about his gesture. On that day, he was groggy. We were about to leave from his house to go grab some lunch. He was walking to the house terrace than went back to the kitchen for couple times. Then, he stopped by his bag and grabbed something out. He opened a small box of ring and say "I run out of the proposal idea. Here, I just give u the ring" then I laughed out loud and he saw me and said "you have sauces on your teeth!"

Report: succeed haha!!!

He told me the first story when we left to grab a lunch.

We are officially engaged for couples months now hehe

Morale of the story:
You can't push your bf/gf/spouse/anything u called to be romantic. They are romantic in their own way :) Just like mine :)

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