Thursday, June 17, 2010

World Cup Euphoria

Firstly, thanks to Martinus for reading my blog earlier. hope my blog could help u to kill your OFFICE HOUR..hahaha...

Ok, now I just wanna share something, timelines..

I picked the World Cup moment.

8 years ago..
World Cup 2002 - Korea Japan.
I still in Senior High School in that time. Fortunately, the world cup matches played in evening. haha. I still remember when the final moment (Italy vs..ummm-forgot) was cut by adzan maghrib in RCTI. haha. and I couldnt see the goal in the end..haha..

In 2002, I still have the free though, not thinking about where I'll go next in my future life. I just live my life happily ever after (at least in that time) haha.

4 years ago..
World Cup 2006 - Germany
June-July 2006 is the semester break in my university, I went back to home (from Bandung, where my University is). I still did not have a television in my own room, so that I should sleepover in my brother's.

After all, I still enjoying my life. I watched the semifinal matches in my friend house, with bbq party.

this year..
World Cup 2010 - South Africa
I even coulnt watch the opening ceremony.*sigh*
I have to come late from work. I did not see my fave team first match. I have to see some match, with laptop on my desk, excel files opened, ACL file opened. I have to watch some matches in Padang.

Oh my... what a big different could happen in 4 years.

Yeah, at least, I could buy some things with my own earned money. (from the very hard work) *lebay* haha

4 years later..
World Cup 2014 - Brazil (CMIIW)

where will I watch the match?
what will I do while I watch them?
will I still be an auditor?
will I still write something in this blog? :)

I'll update you in the next four year..World Cup 2014.. :)

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