Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Working is a lifestyle

What's an idea came from the title?

Actually I dont know for sure, it's just cool to say "working is a lifestyle" hahaha..

firstly, for me, it's not a lifestyle at all...
I hate to work,
I hate to have pressure in achieving a goal,
I hate to waste my life behind the desk, in front of my laptop, 8 hour a day (sometimes more than that), 5 days a week, 52 weeks a year..

Sorry to said to myself, working is part of my life.

If u wanna be rich, work hard
If u wanna be success, work smart

So, now I, hate or not, have to make working as my lifestyle.
Then, I'll find my way to be a smart worker!..

ok, this the last post before I go to Surabaya, again..
I made this post just for reminder (for me) to work smart, to be grateful..

See u in the next 1 weeks (I hope not more than 1 week =P )..


~adimulia said...

udah lebih dr seminggu nih.haha.

Anastasia Windy said...

don, gw terperangkap nih di surabaya...ternyata bukan 1 minggu, 4 minggu...*sigh*