Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The Resolution

Is it too late to make some resolution..?
ugh, It's almost the end of the 2009 and I almost 23, but did not mention any resolution in my life. ckck

I need so many resolution for my life. I realized that I need them when every single mistake I've made. For example, when I eat too much, I promised my self to work out. And every time I faced any kind of delicious delight food, I broke my promised.haha..

Anyway, that's me, always had a big plan, then let it go..haha..I think I just need kinda special moment to be a turning point in my life. Yeah that's so classic to make the new year moment for resolution. Is she gonna do the resolution? is she truly make the resolution or just some fun thing on new year? But, if I dont try, I'llnever know.

And here I am with my resolution:
1. lose 5 kg (I think that's enough)
2. read at least 1 topic of politic news a day
3. read a book a month
4. saving saving saving
5. have an initiative to say thank you and sorry

five are enough for a year..

Sip, let's do it!

1 comment:

erina said...

Win,resolusi no 1 kita sama bangettt...Brarti kita harus slg mengingatkan di Sby,jgn terlena makanan yg enak2 wkwk